If you looking for the best electric fireplace to electrify your house then this is guide is for you. Electric fireplace has grown in popularity a lot in recent years. Companies are investing millions in new technology to make the fireplace more realistic and convenient for people.

Thereviewcast reviewed 7 best electric fireplaces according to your needs plus one bonus review at the end. And, there is a buyer’s guide included helping you understand better and so that you can make the right decision for you

Puraflame electric fire insert

pura flame-best electric fireplace insertAn electric fireplace insert is actually for those who already have a manual Wood-burning fireplace. Now you have decided to give your old wood-burning fireplace a new improved look and you want to upgrade to a modern aesthetic electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces very easy to install you just need to insert it to the hole made already for the previous fireplace. Puraflame Western classic electric fire insert is the best fireplace insert according to us.

Puraflame is a renowned company so you do not have to worry about its product.


  • 3 flames setting
  • 120v
  • Cover 400 sq./f
  • 750/1500 watts
  • 4600 (BTU)
  • Crackling sound mode
  • Heating method -fan heater

If you are tensed whether this product will fit in your Old fireplace then the company says that you do not need to bother. Puraflame offers five different Standard sizes. It gives you a very warm feel. It seems very realistic guests won’t be able to differentiate.

 This product comes with remote to control flame settings while you easily relaxing from your sofa.


 Puraflame offers three Flames setting.

 Flame A: full bright flame + little blue Flame

B: full bright flame

C: half bright flame


There is an intriguing feature in this product is that it can make an actual crackling wood-like sound. So whenever if you feel like you want to hear soothing and relaxing crackling sound in the background while enjoying your book Just Press the crackling button on the remote.

The product will fit in your fireplace very perfectly. The heat outlet and manual control panel are hidden subtly by the specially designed grill, which gives a simple and elegant look. This electric fireplace is covered by a glass which is very safe to touch even the heat mode is on. Moreover, this glass will protect your children from touching the inner heating parts directly.

It works with heat and without heat, so you do not need to worry about using it during summer. You can enjoy the view in any season.

It is very easy to install you just need to plug it and operate on 120 V. You need one lithium battery to operate the remote.

This electric fire insert can work on 750 Watts and 1500 W both. Max Btu, it can give 4600.

Puraflames has implemented patented LED technology in the product that will save units and less energy will be wasted. This electric fire in place insert will provide warmth up to 400 ft².

Furthermore, the impressive thing about this product is that you can set that temperature according to your need Since it has electronic temperature control. You can set it between 60 Fahrenheit to 85 Fahrenheit.

However, if you want to consider this product as your main heat source then this product is not for you. Product is fine for decorative perspective and warmth.

Wrapping up

This fireplace is for those who want to renovate their old fireplace and want to give our elegant and classy look. At this price, this electric fireplace is a great way to give your house a new touch and warmth.

This fireplace insert is beyond our expectations. We added a fireplace screen in front of it and you would not know that it was electric. Very realistic.



  • Very easy to install

  • Crackling sound mode for relaxation

  • Not expensive


  • Cannot be used as the main heat source

  • It does not warm much


R.W FLAME -RECESS AND WALL MOUNT FIREPLACEIf you are confused about whether you want a recess electric fireplace or a wall-mounted electric fireplace and you want to decide once you get the product in your hand. Then this electric fireplace is definitely for you. This electric fireplace can be both recessed into the wall and wall mount in the wall. It is a redesigned product; the company had put a lot of effort into modifying the product again. The old product was 6 inches thick which is now has been reduced to 3.85 inches. So yes, this is the Cleanest and slimmest electric fireplace in our list.


  • Led technology
  • 12 flames color
  • 12 flames bed color
  • 5 flames speed modes and brightness
  • Fan heater
  • 750 watts/1500 watts

R.W flame is a fan heater electric fireplace and very noiseless. You do not need to worry about the noise pollution causes by this electric fireplace. You can quietly enjoy this fireplace in any weather throughout the year. This is a very environmentally friendly Product. The supplemental heating zone for the product is 400 square feet and is operated on 120 volts,12.5 A.

Since everything is redesigned you do not need to worry about if you recess it into the wall you might have difficulties in reaching the operating panel. Cables are also redesigned So it won’t be twisted and torn easily. It is user-friendly both in wall mount and recess installation way.


R.W FLAME saves energy and keeps the cost of your electric bill low. It is also ETL certificate approved and has auto heat kills safety to avoid the superheating. The heat is good and maintains the air natural humidity Without making the room too try


The exciting thing about R.W FLAME is it provides various eye-soothing Colors. It provides 12 flame colors and 12 flame bed colors, With 5 flame speed and brightness settings. You can play around with the settings and create more than 12 flame colors by adjusting the speed, brightness, and bed color.

Customer service is excellent and they provide a 1-year warranty also, you can rely on their service.

Wrapping up

This is a very exciting and elegant electric fireplace, to lit your home with vivid colors. This is product is known for the dancing colorful charm it adds to your house. It enhances the surroundings and consummates your sweet home.

"What a product! I love this baby! So easy to install. It is recessed as you can see but can be surface mounted or free standing. The 2-stage heater is adequate for medium-sized spaces and very quiet. Lots of adjustments for flame size, color, and speed. It can be controlled by a remote or front panel. I have had nothing but very good comments. Couldn't be happier"



  • Many colors and settings

  • Very slim

  • Can be both recess and wall mount


  • Only two heat setting means high and low only

  • With remote, you have to be bit Patience, It delays fraction of second to works

Duraflames 3d infrared-electric fireplace

DURAFLAME 3D - BEST INFRARED ELECTRIC FIREPLACEDuraflame 3d infrared electric fireplace is another great electric fireplace. this electric fireplace is supplemental you can actually count it as a heater. Duraflame is a great company and has many patent technologies in its name. this electric fireplace is very portable and very easy to install, you just need to put 3 screws every leg and attached it to the base. you can easily move it around and place it anywhere in your house


  • Infrared
  • 5200 BTU
  • Area cover 1000sq
  • Digital thermostat
  • Five adjustable flame color, brightness, speed

 Unlike other electric fireplaces, Duraflame 3d infrared has got some power. 

It is 5200 BTU heater provides supplemental zone heating for up to 1000 ft² to help you save money. It operates on 120 V and 12 A current and has a remote to control settings. Remote requires 2 batteries to work. This fireplace has patented 3D flame effect technology features which provides realistic flames. Moreover, it has 5 adjustable flame color settings, variable flame brightness settings, which you can set according to your mood. Furthermore, you can set the speed of the flame which means you can make the flame dance on and behind the logs. This dancing flame feature has a cool feature.


Duraflame 3d infrared has built-in thermostat you can easily maneuver heat setting according to your perfect temperature. You can set the temperature between 62 Fahrenheit to 82 Fahrenheit (17c to 27c).


Duraflame 3d infrared fireplace comes in the four colors black, cinnamon, cream, and navy. Since it provides many choices so you do not need to worry about whether this fireplace will go along with your existing house color.


Like other electric fireplaces, this does not use fan-heater to heat your surroundings, instead, it uses infrared quartz technology to heat the surrounding. Infrared technology has many benefits that produce heat instantly and even warms up the large area within a few minutes. This technology also helps to create a healthier home environment and very friendly. Moreover, it maintains the natural humidity in the air instead of drying the air you do not feel very dry skin.

Everything is great, but the control panel is near bottom. Which makes it difficult to see the numbers and dial.

You can enjoy the dancing flames and cozy relaxing fire view without heat. So, you can easily use this in any season. Duraflame 3d is constructed with metal, and has side viewing window, covered with classes offers you a truly very realistic experience.

Duraflame 3d is very safe to use If by any chance it gets overheated the power will cut off instantly automatically so you can be relaxed in this matter.

Wrapping up

This electric fireplace is for heating the place up, its infrared technology has immense power to heat the room easily. Moreover, its realistic dancing flames setting will charm you to buy this electric fireplace. This stove will ensure warmth and make your place more elegant than ever.

“ I am very impressed with the quality of this fireplace; realistic flames add a lot of atmosphere to my living room. It operates very quietly and adds extra heat to my living room when needed, I highly recommend it “



  • Keep environment healthy

  • Five adjustable flame color setting

  • Dancing flame

  • Digital thermostat


  • Control panel is in the bottoms, challenging

  • Does not offer any kind of ambient lighting

Xtremepowerus recessed electric fireplace

xtrempower us-ELECTRIC FIREPLACEAnother great recess electric fireplace from Extremepower. It is a classic 50-inch wide fireplace that will amaze your guest. This fireplace must be recessed into the wall. You may need another hand to install it and give your house a decorative look. All the equipment for the installation comes in the package such as wall mount bracket, screws, and pack of crystal. You must need to go through once manual before installing it.


  • 3 changeable flame color
  • Timer settings (1 hr -8 hr)
  • Heat settings (62 -82F)
  • Power 750/1500
  • Recessed
  • Remote control
  • Area 400 sq.
  • Fan heater

Another great recess electric fireplace from Extremepower. It is a classic 50-inch wide fireplace that will amaze your guest. This fireplace must be recessed into the wall. You may need another hand to install it and give your house a decorative look. All the equipment for the installation comes in the package such as wall mount bracket, screws, and pack of crystal. You must need to go through once manual before installing it.



Like any other electric fireplace, this will also operate on 120 volts. You just need to plug it in a tray and it is ready to enhance the beauty of your favorite indoor living space. You can enjoy this fireplace all year round irrespective of the season.


No matter whether it is summer or winter you can enjoy the view any time. the reason to choose this electric fireplace over the other many great recess or wall mount electric fireplaces is the cause, this gives you to control the heat from 62 F TO 82F.there are many other fireplaces at this price but unfortunately, they provide only 2 heat settings only high and low.




Like every other fireplace, this is also operated on 750 Watts/1500 watts both. the very cool feature of this is that it provides this realistic flame -color and you can control them separately as you wish. Extremepowerus can provide heat up to 400 ft² and the exciting thing is that it only takes 5 minutes to warm the room. So, you do not need to be waiting much to heat your room. This product uses infrared technology to heat the surrounding. Infrared heating is good for maintaining the natural humidity within the air without making the room too dry.

The design is very sleek and its black frame gives you a modern look. The versatility of this fireplace will add a cozy touch to a living room, bedroom, or office.

 You can set timer 1hr to 8hr for the auto-shutdown. You do not need to worry about the safety and comfort of this electric fireplace. It has also safety to avoid superheating.

Wrapping up

If you want to buy an electric recess fireplace then hands down, this is going to be the best choice for you. The price is perfect and Many features such as a thermostat are not provided by any other recess electric fireplace at this price.

"I am pleased with this purchase. The flames have a very realistic effect and it is pretty much what I visualized when I purchased this item. I am overall satisfied with this electric fireplace and you can feel the heat as you approach it or get nearer to it just like a fireplace with a real flame. I would recommend this fireplace to anyone who's interested in buying one”



  • Easy installation


  • Overheating protection


  • The flames colors do not seem very realistic


TOUCHSTONEE 8001 Touchstone 80001 is a great option for those who do not want to drill or make a hole in the wall for an electric fireplace. Touchstone is a very good company and it has been providing a great quality electric fireplace since 2005. The company has lived up to its name.


  • 750 watts/1500 watts
  • Wall mounting /wall hanging
  • 5 flames brightness setting
  • Remote control
  • Timer setting
  • Comes with realistic log set/crystal

Touchstone 80001 the bed while hanging or while mounting an electric fireplace. If you are just looking to make your room or wall more decorative or just want to give our cozy relaxing view then this electric fireplace can fulfill your need.


It is 15 inches wide wall hanging electric fireplace which operates on 120 volts. you can amaze your guests with lifelike flames produced by the realistic log or crystal set included in it. The log set or Crystal lies behind a durable tempered glass so you do not need to worry about your children reaching the hot log set.



 It weighs around 46 pounds, one person can easily install it alone. The fireplace comes with all kinds of mounting brackets and hardware, so you do need any extra tools.


This electric fireplace has only two setting modes one is high and another is low. It operates on both 1500 W and 750 watts. However, it has five flame brightness settings. You can set the flame brightness according to your mood and needs. A five-flame brightness setting that ranges from a soft ember glow to a full blaze lets you adjust the flames depending on your desired intensity. You should always be careful that there is nothing around 20 inches on the top of this electric fireplace is placed. The reason is heat from this a fireplace is released to surrounding from the top of the firebox. So, you do not want to cover the top and ending up making the electric fireplace overheat.

Touchstone 80001 has a cool feature timer setting. You can set the timer way ahead or 30 minutes to 7.5 hours and when the time comes touchstone 80001 will auto shut down.  This electric fireplace will warm and Cozy heat around 400 ft². So, this may not heat a large room effectively but it can be a Great decorative Add-ons in your living though, bedroom, and drawing room, etc.

The design is very sleek and its black frame gives you a modern look. The versatility of this fireplace will add a cozy touch to a living room, bedroom, or office.

Furthermore, it is built on LED technology so you do not need any gas or oil to make this working. Due to this technology, it requires less energy to heat a room, which means it will consume less electricity and reduce operating costs. Touchstone 80001 is very safe for children and pets because it is mercury-free and LED bulbs are always cool to touch. Generally, it is a wall mounting electric fireplace, but if you want to Mount this below tv, make sure you leave a 24-inch space between this fireplace and the TV above. The average operating cost is around 18c to 25 cents depending on the settings.

Wrapping up

Touchstone 80001 Great add-on to make your house more elegant and decorative. This is one of the best wall hanging electric fireplaces to keep the house warm and give a cozy sensual look. Price is very cheap so you can easily afford and give your house an artistic touch.

“We were looking for a value-priced fireplace to provide a little supplemental heat in a small living room and this sure did fit the bill; it was relatively easy to install and it looks great. It provides the extra heat we were looking for, and, as an added bonus, the 'flame' effect is pretty realistic. The price was just about half what we were quoted at a fireplace store. All in all, a good buy “



  • Very quiet or less noisy

  • Very easy to install

  • Operating cost is very cheap


  • No thermostats, only two temperature settings

Americanwood Home Chicago - best for tv stand up fireplace

best tv stand electric fireplaceIf you are looking to enjoy the both tv and warm view of the electric fireplace at once then this is an electric fireplace is a solution for your need. The Americanwood home fireplace will provide both the combination of storage and fireplace. This is built by Ameriwood company, so you do not need to feel tense or hesitant about the company. Ameriwood is a great company and you can completely actually rely on its product. 


  • Tv stand up
  • Two glass door storage places
  • Two top shelves
  • Espresso finished
  • Area cover 400 squares feet
  • Fan heater
  • Use led technology

 This fireplace is constructed of laminated particleboard and with an espresso finish. This can support 50-inch flat panel tv easily or a maximum weight of 70 lbs. Besides the tv stand, it has few storage boxes. The top shelve is dived into two parts for cable box and Blu-ray players. These 2 shelves can support up to 20 lbs.


 Like all electric fireplaces, this will also operate on 120 volts and has two heat settings high and low. Again, like other fireplaces, you can enjoy this electric fireplace throughout the year. One thing you need to keep in mind that TV size is determined by diagonal measurement end-to-end corner of the screen. So, you must Check your television size and its weight before purchasing this fireplace. the built-in reflector in the electric fireplace uses Altraflame technology using LED lights to create realistic effects.


Additionally, there are two more shelves on either side of the fireplace, these shelves are protected by a glass door to keep your favorite DVDs and books dust-free. Ameriwood Home Chicago provides heat up to 400 ft².

The installation process of this tv stand- up electric fireplace is a bit tricky and time-consuming compared to other fireplaces. But this time-consuming process worth, since you’re going to place your expensive TV and other kinds of stuff on it. the installation manual comes in the package you should go through it carefully and delicately install the fireplace. To take care of this fireplace use dry cloth and if needed a semi damp cloth can be used.

Wrapping up

This is a very elegant and cozy-looking fireplace and can enhance the beauty of your house. Moreover, it has shelves to keep or store Things in it. This fireplace is 2 in 1 fireplace you can use it as a TV stand up and can use it as a storage box also. You can use this electric fireplace in multiple ways, so it can save both money and space an artistic touch.

“Love love love it. It took a while to put together...but the instructions were easy and all the parts were labeled perfectly. The fire looks real and the heater portion is nice and




  • shelves for cables box

  • Extra two shelves with glass door

  • The fireplace looks aesthetic


  • There is no remote The installation process is time-consuming

Turbo suburbs TS20- best mini budget free-standing fireplace

BEST MINI FREE STANDING FIREPLACEIf you are on a budget or You do not want an electric fireplace to take up much space in your house Then this electric fireplace can be a vital solution. TS20 Is a mini budget-friendly Freestanding electric fireplace. This product is very small and can sit around any corner of your house. The antique and vintage look of this product will take you to the 90s days.


  • Heating method infrared
  • 14000 W /4777 BTU
  • freestanding
  • CSA certified
  • Noise level < 37 dba
  • Area coverage 1000 sq. feet
  • 110- 120 volt
  • Thermostat temperature (from 68 F to 95 F)

You can enjoy from any corner since TS20 has 3-sided panoramic viewing glass. It has a temper glass door that you can open when in need. the flame looks very realistic and antique. It has a Led technology which offers only 2 colors red and orange.

To warm you up in winter TS20 can be a great addition to your house. Moreover, you can enjoy the ambiance of the fireplace all year round using TS20 since you can use it with or without heat. the infrared technology used by this fireplace can warm up to 1000 ft² easily. unlike any other fireplaces, this is not just a decorative piece, this can heat your room.

The best feature you will get at this price is a thermostat. Because of the thermostat, you can set your comfortable temperature from 65 to 95 Fahrenheit.

The installation process of this mini electric fireplace is very easy. To get started with this product just simply attach four metal legs to the preassembled main unit. This fireplace has no remote so to operate it but there is a simple control panel to operate, hidden behind the tempered glass door. It is a smoke-free and smells free fireplace. It provides clean energy and very cost-effective. So, you do not need to worry about environmental harm. the infrared technology uses to maintain the humidity of the house by not making the air too dry. the small and portable ability of this fireplace can make a knock over easy. But you do not need to worry since if it knocked over, there is overheating safety protection in it, will automatically shut off to prevent further incidents.

Wrapping up

TS20 is for people on a very tight budget and at the same time wants to create the ambiance of a fireplace in less money. Also, this can be used as a supplemental heater or main heat source.

 The fireplace is light-weight and quite cute. We like the temperature control, and auto-shutoff to maintain the desired temperature.



  • Very inexpensive

  • Small and portable

  • Can be used as the main heat source

  • Very easy installation

  • Built-in thermostat to control the temperature


  • No remote The installation process is time-consuming

  • Only two led color The installation process is time-consuming

  • Can unnoticeable from far due to size The installation process is time-consuming

The bonus review

Ameriwood Lamont mantel

best mantel electric fireplace Ameriwood mantel electric fireplace is 3-tiered fireplace. The design is very elegant and will provide the house with a rich look. This fireplace is made of laminated MDF and particleboard.

This mantel fireplace features 2 bookcases with 3 shelves each on either side of the fireplace case. The insert can heat a room up to 400 ft² and is operated on 120 V outlet.


  • 3-tiered electric fireplace
  • 2 bookcases 3 shelves in each
  • Remote control
  • Area cover 400 square feet
  • Fan heater

Ameriwood mantel electric fireplace is 3-tiered fireplace. The design is very elegant and will provide the house with a rich look. This fireplace is made of laminated MDF and particleboard.

This mantel fireplace features 2 bookcases with 3 shelves each on either side of the fireplace case. The insert can heat a room up to 400 ft² and is operated on 120 V outlet.

It also comes with the remote so you can relax on your place and play around with the heat settings until you get your desired temperature. You can also use the touch panel to control the settings. 

The installation can be tricky and time-consuming since it comes with so many parts. You may need another hand to install this.

One thing you must keep in mind before buying it is that you cannot use this electric fireplace as a TV stand it will not be able to take the weight of the TV.

Wrapping up

This fireplace is for the people who want to enjoy the aura of fire and as well as want storage space to store things. the elegant and cozy-looking fireplace shelves can be a great home for your favorite books.

This fireplace looks wonderful in our living room. It did take a bit to put together -it took my husband and I about 1.5-2 hours to put it together. It was easier once we organized the pieces in alphabetical order. Instructions we clear and easy to follow. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase.



  • Comes with Remote

  • 2 shelves to store things

  • The look is very elegant aesthetic


  • Comes in so many pieces, so installation can be trickyThe installation process is time-consuming

Electric Fireplace Buying Guides


Before we get into Buying guide Or What kind of electric fireplace you need you just need to know types of electric fireplace available in the market.

Types of electric fireplaces


  •  Wall mount

 wall mount electric fireplace Is a lightweight Electric fireplace that is generally hung Or Mount in the wall.  This kind of fireplace is easy to install and does not need any kind of drilling or making holes in the wall for this fireplace. Wall mount electric fireplace Comes with all kinds of accessories to mount it in the wall such as mounting bracket, Screws, and everything Requires to install or hang it on the wall. You will find This kind of fireplace in every other house and is generally used to enhance the beauty of the house. Wall mount fireplaces generally do not offer much heat, but it does provide the cozy warm optimum temperature. One thing you need to make sure with wall mount electric fireplaces is that it is properly mounted and make sure it does have the support to hang in there easily.


  • Wall recess

This type of is an electric fireplace is very common and very similar to a wall mount electric fireplace. But unlike wall mount electric fireplace it does not hang or mounted in the wall. Holes are made in the wall to fix the fireplace in the wall. The installation process is not that tricky and it would be easier if there is already a hole or window-like structure pre-made on the wall. One thing is that this fireplace is firmly placed in the wall so do not need to worry about it falling from there. Before installing it make sure to check the venting system of the fireplace. Basically, you are making sure that air is easily Free-flowing and not covered by the wall.


  • Electric Fireplace Inserts

 If you already Have an Old wood fireplace and you want to redecorate it or want to escape from the smoky, smelly old system then electric fireplace insert is a good solution for you. Basically, you will just insert the electric fireplace in that old manual block and plug it in the socket. Your fireplace is ready to Give you a warm cozy feel. Electric fireplace insert comes in two kinds such as log insert and firebox insert. This kind of fireplace is safe for pets and children. An electric fireplace insert can offer you a real fire look and some of them offer embers which glow to give an authentic wood-burning look. Some fireplace even makes soothing crackling fire sound to make things even more realistic.


  • Electric fireplace mantel

 This fireplace is very similar to an electric fireplace insert. Everything is the same except it comes with its own firebox. This means you do not need to have an old conventional fireplace to use it. Electric fireplace mantel is growing in popularity since house makers have stopped making manuals wood fireplace block. Companies have Been providing Many kinds of the electric fireplace mantel, for example, some of them even have bookshelves, storage boxes, and many other things attached to it.

  • Freestanding fireplace

 freestanding electric fireplace Is a portable Fireplace. You can use this fireplace simply with other furniture or standing them against the wall. This kind of fireplaces is a great solution for those who are renting the house or those who are unable to make any modification to their home. One thing you must keep in mind since this kind of electric fireplace is very portable is easy to get knocked off easily. So, make sure you keep this in a very safe.


  •  TV standup

TV stand the electric fireplace is a fireplace with the support’s TV on the top. This is a furniture which comes with the premade insert in the below for Fireplace and place on the top to support TV. It is growing in popularity since people want to enjoy Both TV and cozy fire View At once.


How to choose the right electric fireplace for your home

 The answer varies from individual to individual. Some who want to redecorate the old fireplace simply go for fireplace insert and some who just want to add beauty to the house can go for any other kind of electric fireplace such wall mount, recess, and tv stands up.

However, two things you always have to keep in mind Some fireplaces are easier to use where else some are Significantly easier to install. Your decision would be based on these 2 factors.

You also need to look at the amount of space you have for the fireplace in your house and where you Wanna place it. Some models require large spaces and some do not take any space at all such as wall mount fireplaces.


What is the cost of operating an electric fireplace?

The cost of operating the fireplace is very low. Generally, it is around 7 cents to 18 cents per hour depending on the local utility rate. Now, these companies are making a cost-efficient Electric fireplace to reduce the electric bill. The cost of operating the fireplace can be reduced if it is used in a low setting.


Choosing the right power rating for your house

 Generally, 10 m² requires 1 kW of power to heat up So if your house is 15 or 17 meters square then you need to choose a fireplace which is rated 1500 W.


F A Q  Section


What is the best place for an electric fireplace in your home?

Again, the answer varies from individual to individual. You should choose an electric fireplace which suits your home the most. Before choosing an electric fireplace make sure you keep factors like style, space, And Where you will place It. 


Do electric fireplaces heat well?

 The General electric fireplace does not heat up well. it is mostly used as decoration purpose. Though there are Electric fireplaces in the markets which provide supplemental heat.


How many square feet does an electric fireplace heat?

The fireplace comes in 2 kind heating area options

  • 400 ft²
  • 1000 ft²


 Who Should Buy an Electric Fireplace?

 There is no general category who can buy an electric fireplace. Anybody can buy an electric fireplace. Some buy it for decoration purpose and some actually buy for heating purposes. But it is mostly used for enhancing the beauty of the house.


Do Electric Fireplaces Heat a Room?

Yes, it does


Will an Electric Fireplace Raise My Heating Bill?

 Yes, it will. But it depends How long you are using it. It will not significantly increase your electric bill since they are very cost-efficient.


Do electric fireplace flames look real?

 Yes, there are electric fireplaces which produce very realistic flames. Companies are investing in making a fireplace more real. Some companies already even have patented technology.


Do electric fireplaces get hot?

No fireplace does not get hot and it is safe for children and pets.


Is it okay to put a TV above or on an electric fireplace?

No, you just simply cannot put tv above any fireplace. There is a special kind of tv stand up electric fireplace Available in the market just to the TV Above it.


How Do You Install an Electric Fireplace?

There is various kind of electric fireplace in the market. Every kind has a different process to install the fireplace. Make sure you check the installation manual Properly.


Are electric fireplaces cost-efficient?

 Yes, they are very cost-efficient and they do have a very cheap operating cost.


How large of an area will my electric fireplace heat?

 A typical electric fireplace will heat up from 400 ft² to 1000 ft² Area.


Does your fireplace need any venting or a chimney?

 No, they do not require any venting or chimney since they do not produce any smoke.


Do electric fireplaces give off any fumes or gases?

No, they do not give any fumes or gases. Since they use a fan heater or infrared technology to provide heat.


Does the glass front of an electric fireplace get hot?

No, it does not. Glass is generally tempered glass and safe to touch. However, glass does get warm up a bit but it will not burn you.


Wrapping up

  We have provided in-depth reviews of some of the best electric fireplaces. However, you know what is best for you. Hopefully, this guide helped you to choose the best electric fireplace for you.