UAV is a great invention in the history of the military, but you will be surprised to know that drones use is not limited to for military purposes only. 

over that Drone uses spread across the globe for various purpose. 

So as you have guessed by now from the title that this article is about the usage and applications of drones in various sector.


Aerial photography & videography

drone aerial photography

 One of the primary usages of the Drone is for aerial photography. In addition, Ariel Drone photography is one of the popular usages of drone.

Thanks to improved  Drone Technology, drones are available in the market with a high-quality built-in camera and also some quadcopters are well designed to hold heavy external camera equipment you can attach GoPro camera on them.

 This quadcopter Drone has a special feature that they can hover over a single spot, which allows taking clear crisps picture while flying high above the sky. 

You can connect your smartphone to your Drone remotely using a software, which enables you to see the high definition video and picture immediately over your phone while your Drone is in the air.

 Mainly drones are used for aerial photography to cover marriage events, really, sports match, festive event, traffic.

 Moreover, the growing usage of a drone is for selfie from a particular height. The great thing about taking a selfie with a quadcopter is now more people can fit in the frame.



Agriculture and farming

drone using in farming

 It is needless to say that agriculture drones gave farming experience into and new height.

According to global market insight, “agricultural drone” market will be valued near 1 billion or more by 2024.


 How drones are actually used in agriculture?



    Mapping & survey crops


drone mapping These agriculture drones Equipped with infrared camera sensors, which helps the device to survey crops health, crop type. 

 Moreover, these drones can create a GPS map of the farming field area. 

Which helps the farmer to plan where to sow the seed to maximize land, water, and fertilizer usage.



  Crop dusting & spraying

  drone dusting crops  Drones for spraying carry large liquid storage reservoirs to store pesticides, other Chemicals etc. 

Spraying with a drone is pretty much harmless compared to dusting vehicle. Which damages soil, crop to extend and also time-consuming.



Irrigation management

irrigationAn agricultural drone equipped with thermal cameras, which highlight areas that having pooling water or insufficient soil moisture.

 Thermal drone gives the farmer a better insight into their respective crop field.



Livestock monitoring

livestocksThermal imaging drone can check in as to see if there are any injured missing or birthing animals. 

These drones reduced man work to keep an eye on their livestock at all times resulting in greater profit.



 Commercial construction and industrial projects

construction industries

That day is not so far when a drone will work alongside construction worker to lay building foundation. 

Experiments are being conducted already with such jobs.



Drones are being used in mainly five ways in the construction industry



  • Planning

planningEarlier helicopters were used for planning large sites before construction starts.

 Nowadays it is replaced by the quadcopter Drone.




  • surveying

drone serveyYou can use these drones, unmanned vehicle to create a site map and to do a quick survey.  

And can reduce the cost of the surveying and mapping by 50% compare to when it is done by heavy machine and expensive tools.







  • Inspection structure

infrastructure inspectionAs the structure progress, it becomes difficult to inspect the structure using the old traditional ways, which involves precarious climbing up onto the roof, and other parts of the structure using scaffolding, or a harness.

 Using (UAVs) construction companies avoid old dangerous traditional way and also a safe time.





  • Security

  securityConstruction site needs huge security because of the expensive machine and raw materials, which can be, steal easily by anyone. 

Drone provides great help in securing the construction site by hovering over it.

 And also reduce man-hours by a huge percentage.




  • monitoring

monitoring siteDrone help to keep track of the construction progress







Drone racing and sports

drone racing eventAnother use of a drone that getting among ki among kids and young generation is for racing.

 Moreover, drone racing is becoming one of the popular growing Sports. 

In fact, there are many different Drone Racing League takes places around the world with hefty prize money.




Aerial product delivery and shipping


delivery by droneThat day is not so far when you will be receiving fast delivery by companies to drones.

 Many big companies such as DHL, Amazon, Dominos, and FedEx are testing Drone for delivering their items. 

This would reduce labor cost and will speed up the delivery time by a huge fraction.

 Drone delivery is still in an experimental process because of the limitations by FAA limitations on the commercially uses for drones.


 Amazon Prime air

 Amazon is working on Prime a service. They said they test drones with various design, which can carry weight up to 5 pounds and deliver it within   30 minutes.





 Film and movies

filmingDrones have become an inevitable part of the film industry.

 Especially for shooting an aerial shot. Earlier aerial shots were taken by helicopter, which is costly. 

But drone has completely replaced helicopter.  A drone can take aerial shots in places where it is difficult for a helicopter to reach.

 Drone companies are manufacturing several Drone keeping film fraternity in mind. Some Drones are designed to carry expensive camera

 Drones wear part of the many historical movies and TV series like Wolf of the Wall Street, Game of Throne and Harry Potter.





Fire fighting

fire fighterA drone can play a big role in fighting the fire. Earlier helicopters were used for fighting the fire but were not safe for the pilot. Drones are unmanned so it has no risk.

 These quadcopters can give Firefighter a better insight to observe the situation of the place where a fire broke out. 

it is safe and better to release Drone first at a fire break out places to observe the situation first before sending human inside.

 Some Drones have storage to store chemical they can do the work of Fire extinguisher in places where human interaction is difficult.





huntingThere was a time when you used to get lost in the wood while chasing animal in wrong places.

 But nowadays this does not happen thanks to UAVs. You can set them to hover over a place to get to know whether it is worth wondering this place or not.




 Sensory and inspection

Sensory and inspectionQuadcopters are proving valuable in performing the regular inspection. 

Which include regular inspections of stuff such as equipment, Road, water and power lines.

 Many drones have built-in leds for darkness visibility and have sensors, which allows it to avoid an obstacle. These drones can get into places for example Complex pipes to collect information.





 News and journalism

journalismDrone usage in Journalism world is in Rapid increase. This quadcopter can reach Areas where a reporter could not reach.

 These are used in capturing traffic jam, fire, crimes in progress and many more. 

Many times journalist cannot get near to the scene for a number of reasons like security, crowd, and harmful situation. In those situations, these quads come in handy to the journalist.





  Military usage

Military usage Military usage is the most popular usage of the drone. In fact, it is the military who has invented it. 

Drone is used for numerous purposes in military-like details, survey, keeping eye on enemy and wars. 

They are used for airstrikes purposes. Can hover over the suspected location for the survey.





mappingA common use of the Drone nowadays is for mapping. Not all the part of the Earth is quickly accessible for us.

 Drone is used to creating 3D maps of such landscape.

 This map is available for everyone.





mining fieldDrones are being used in the mining field. 

They are being deployed in the mining area for numerous reason.


  • Survey
  • Monitoring
  • ensuring safety
  • Security
  • Inspection
  • keeping track
  • maps and modeling






No doubt, that drone has a bright future in medicine. Saving ideas regarding Drone use in the medical industry are being experimented.

Drone with a compartment along with first aid kits is being designed. 

This could be deployed in emergency cases. There are several cases where the patient died due to an ambulance or doctor arrived late. in those situation, we could deploy these Drone with first aid kit and Two-way audio interaction ability. 

Doctors can interact somebody close to the patient what to do using advance gear attach with the drone.




Police and Law Enforcement

incident area The drone has already started to work for law enforcement. 

Because of their flying ability without getting noticed by others, these are useful for public safety and surveillance. They can be used to detect crime in a festival.

 They can also monitor crime alert in suspicious places. Also used in for crime investigations where it could give law enforcement a detail view about the Crime scene.

 Further, Drone is also used by most border Patrol officers to detect criminal activities like drug smuggling near the border.



 Human Passenger Carrying Drone

human carrying droneA drone can give a great breakthrough in the transport industry. 

This passenger carrying UAVS can save you from traffic and will help you to reach your destination faster.

However, this type of drone is still in Idea process but surely in future, we will see a drone flying with passenger outside our window.

 Ehang has already made a concept model called Ehang 184. it has got one seat, passenger just needs to sit in and select where they want to go and then you will be there.




Real Estate Photography

real state photographyReal estate photography is one of the earliest uses of the drone. 

Real estate Agencies are using Drone as a promotional tool for listing homes.

A drone gives you a virtual Walkthrough view of the house including neighborhood and ground. 

Uses of drone in real estate are booming.

 Photographers are getting paid $500 to $1000 for a 2-minute video.




Search and Rescue Operation

rescue missionSearch and rescue mission is mainly a battle against time.

You have to do it quickly and smoothly.

Drones provide an aerial view of the location for considerably less money than conventional helicopters.

They can fly and maneuver in hard excess spaces. They can securely low to the ground compared to a helicopter.

 These can carry food and medical two inaccessible access area ahead of the rescue squad comes in for support.




Sports Coverage

sport coverageDrone usage for covering sport is very, you might have seen in the TV drone covering football, cricket, and other indoor-outdoor matches.




 Wildlife Monitoring and Recording

wildlifeOne of the positive uses of the Drone is for wildlife monitoring. 

These quadcopters can monitor wildlife without disturbing animals. 

Many forest security management is using UAVs to monitor wildlife and for preventing poaching.

 Video captured by Drone can help us to study animal habit and analyze its pattern.




For Fishing

fishingAnother popular use of a drone by fisherman for fishing. 

Long gone days of sitting whole day to catch fish with a fishing stick in hand. 

There are many Drone in the market specially designed for fishing. 

They have a net attached to their bottom and they are waterproof. UAVs are also used to survey in water in search of fish.